Thursday, March 27, 2008


1.You need to pick your SCHOOL-WIDE service topic. You can join one of the groups below, or suggest your own topic and group.

2. You need to pick your group. Who would you like to work with? Talk to your friends/peers and get a group together. Groups will be 10-15 students, so if you only have a few people, you will be combined with another small group.

3. Give me 2-3 staff members you would like to work with.

4. Where and what you plan to do for INDEPENDENT service hours. Completion of the 15 hours will be 25% of your service learning grade.

CONTINUE to blog about your ideas and putting ALL best practices (research, papers, projects, awards, journals, etc) on YOUR BLOG!

School Wide Service Learning Ideas
Idea: "Franks for Frankie" Fundraiser.
Overview: Bridget is planning a fundraiser for Sat. May 3 to benefit children's cancer research. She has a personal connection to the foundation, and already has a location and some donors lined up, but needs a lot of help contacting donors, making flyers, doing brochures about the disease, and more.
Students: Bridget, Nancy, Ian, Brittany C, Brittany D, Julia, Kris

Idea: "Homelessness"
Overview: Research and creating a project on homelessness (causes, statistics, effects on society, solutions). Volunteering in homeless shelter?
Students: Ashante, Ishmael, Nate-Monique, Wanda, Tory, Dwayne, Lecaryn , Shaniya
Staff Mentor: Mr. Ackerman

Idea: "Surviving NHD" Overview: Research and creating a project on the ins and outs of NHD. Student Head: Lashay & Kameko
Idea: "NHD Documentary" Overview: Research and creating a "how-To" & curriculum for NHD Docs. Student HEad: David T & Harry N.
Idea: Public Service Announcements Overview: Create an advertisement (video or print) about a topic such as heart disease, environmental toxins, nutrition
Students: Nikki
Staff Mentor: Ms. Thompson

Idea: Library Services
Overview: Assisting in expanding the school library by writing proposals and requests for free books and textbooks. Writing grants to buy books and magazines. Learning how to add new books to our system. Learning to scan books in and out.
Student Head: Jasmine & Michelle
Staff Mentor: Deb Mullin

Idea: Darfur and Sudan
Overview: Creating an educational campaign about the atrocities in Darfur and Sudan. Research, Public Service Announcements, Interviews. Fundraising.
Student Head: Brittany S & Aquilla W. John S, John S

Idea: Tutoring (In School)
Overview: Before school, lunch, after school. Creating small group or pair instruction to assist lower performing students in a variety of subjects. Working with core teachers to use benchmark and other testing results to identify potential tutors and tutees, as well as core materials to review.
Student Head: Kris
Staff Mentor: Ms. McMillan

Idea: Recycling
Overview: Students will work on designing better and more sustainable containers. Education campaign about the toxicity of various non-recycled materials (batteries, plastic bottles) Measuring real world effects on the community.
Student Head:
Student Staff: AP Bio Class?
Staff Mentor: Karen Thomas

Idea: Nutrition
Overview: Buying and making nutritions sandwiches, salads, and fruit plates for sale at lunch. Research and presentation on nutrition and connection to heart disease, diabetes, and other illnesses, and how nutrition affects larger ommunity.
Students: Derrelle and Antoinette
Staff: Ms. Martin?

Idea: Community Giving
Overview: Food and clothing drives for homeless shelter, childrens hospital. Research and presentation of issues. Ongoing fundraising/collection.
Students: Michel Lee, Equilla Lewis-Cooper, Porsha Moore, Felicia Green, Renee Jackson, Christa Pullins, Amie Sarnor

Idea: Children in the Community
Overview: Learning about early childhood education, creating games and skits for children, volunteering at local daycares.
Students: Candance Bond, Taylor Benns, Shakeelah Spain, Quincy Adams, Samira Elliott, Vondell Saunders, Natina Garner, Tihira Johnson, Andrew Howard, Todd Latimore

Idea: Community Garden
Overview: Researching and creating a green space either at the National Museum of Jewish History, the NCC, or at our school. Fundraising and learning about sustainable plant life.
Student Head: Khayree Jackson
Staff: Mr. Carpenter?

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