Monday, April 21, 2008

Service Learning- April 21-25

1. Reflect on Thursday's meeting via your blog. Group leaders should also email me with questions, ideas, and notes. Required: three positives about the meeting, and three challenges you face.

What questions do you still have about your mission and role in your group?

2. Choose a role that you would like to play in your group. Be prepared to discuss roles and responsibilities at Friday, April 25, meeting. You should alos have any assignments from Thurs. April 17 meeting posted on your blog.


Other roles could be
Photographer / Videographer (takes and keeps digital photos and videos of meetings, trips, and classes)
Researcher (finds and maintains a website with all group research; goes to IMC to find research during meeting times)
Runner (send messages to teachers and other groups, picks up materials during group time)

If you have other ideas for a role, please let me know.

ALL groups must fulfill every role BEFORE assigning two people to the same role.

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