Monday, May 19, 2008

Service Learning: May 19 - May 23

1. Provide a thorough reflection of Thursday May 15 meeting, including any research and planning that you are responsible for.

A. Describe three moments of frustration, indecision, success, doubt, realization that have happened during your meeting, and how you dealt with these emotions.

B. Through service learning I have learned the following about the issue of:

C. How have your values or stereotypes been changed through this experience?

D. Through service learning I have learned the following about myself:

2. MAKE-UP any missing blogs.
Service learning will be CANCELED this week and made up the first week of June. Use this time for make up work.

If you were absent or do NOT have notes on a specific week, you must do the make-up assignment posted below. This is a double credit make-up, and requires reading and 4 paragraphs of reflection.

Make-Up Assignment May 19-23 (double credit):

Write a thorough (at least 4 paragraph) reflection/response to Fareed Zakaria's article "The Rise of the Rest: Living in the Post-American World"

First paragraph: What examples does he provide that show the rest of the world is rising above America?

Second paragraph: What are the positive outcomes of the rest of the world rising out of poverty?

Third paragraph: What is globalization and how can it positively and negatively affect American economic and social life?

Fourth paragraph: your own opinions, ideas, and thoughts about the essay.

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