Monday, May 5, 2008

Service Learning- May 5 - May 9

1. REFLECT on Thursday May 1 meeting in DETAIL.
USE iMovie to record yourself talking about service learning so far. (Please use STUDENT sign in).
Talk about:
What was successful? What challenges or problems did you encounter?
What have you learned so far?
What needs to be worked on for the coming weeks?
What should be changed for next year?

EXPORT the movie for web (Quicktime)

IMPORT to your blog.

SEE ME for help if needed.

2. PLAN for Friday MAY 9 meeting.
Post any information, research, ideas, plans that you are working on.
EMAIL your group members, staff mentor, AND me with any ideas and information that you find.

3. Extra Credit/Make-up Assignment. If you are missing work:

Go to
1. What are superdelegates?
2. What are the Pros of Superdelegates?
3.What are the Cons of Superdelegates?

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