Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Service Learning: May 27-May 30

1. REFLECT on your INDEPENDENT service experience. BLOG about how you were changed by the experience (ideas, stereotypes), and what you did to help change the situation. Papers showing completion of 15 hrs are due to Ms. Klose by Fri. May 30th.

2. PLAN for extended (90 minute) service meetings on Wed. May 28 and Thurs. June 5th. Any research, links, pictures, diagrams, information should also be posted to your blog.

3. Catch up on all/any missing blog posts. Make sure your reflections are complete and professional.

4. PLAN for next year's service learning. Brainstorm ideas to share with your group.

Some IDEAS for Extended Service Time:

Africa Group: Contact the NCC about possibility of another event like the awareness week they did last summer: http://www.constitutioncenter.org/PressRoom/PressReleases/2007_06_28_17784.shtml

Contact/trip to African American Museum to discuss possible partnership in raising money and awareness for Darfur.

Community Giving: Contact about tour, partnership, other opportunities for helping area children.
Children's Aid Society
Address: 1315 Walnut St., Suite 1004 Phone: (215) 546-2990
Children's Service, Inc.
Address: 1315 Walnut St., 3rd Fl., Philadelphia, PA, 19107 Phone: (215) 546-3503

Childhood Cancer- go to McCall or another outdoor area and assess, fact-find for planning if it would be a good place to have a fundraiser/fair in the fall.

Fundred:Contact Ballard Spahr about visiting their print shop and possibility of assisting with printing of Fundred materials. Contact printers and visit with presentation re; donations. Marathon, 215 238 1100, 9 N. 3rd Street;
Sir Speedy printers (215) 627-2777, 47 N 8th Street

Garden- Take the bus down to the Lowe's on Delaware Ave and price soil, containers, plants, and other materials. Go back to NCC and make detailed sketches.

Homelessness: Contact The Employment Project ( Leona Smith, 246 Arch Street, Phone: 215-923-1694) about meeting with her and finding out about the program. Take a trip to one of the shelters you have researched. Take a trip to Kmart and price the cost of creating a care package, and talk to Kmart management about discounts.

Language/Seniors: Plan a trip to St George's retirement home.
Contact the Rittenhouse Care Center re: trip, partnership: 1526 Lombard St
Philadelphia, PA 19106, (215) 735-0243

Library: Trip to Central Branch. Trip to Borders (Broad and Chestnut) to price and find high interest books. Trip to Independence branch. Work on projects at school library.

Nutrition: Walk up to the Superfresh at 5th and Locust. Price a variety of items (fruit, veggies, lunchmeat, bread, milk, junk food). Ask the manager why food prices have gone up, why fresh fruit is more expensive than junk food, why organic is 2x more expensive than conventional fruit. Determine the cost of healthily feeding a family of four for one week.

PSA/NHD: Contact Masterman HS about collaboration/sharing tips for successful NHD projects. Trip to the National Archives for tips for planning projects.

Pollution/Silent Killers: Contact Bureau of Consumer Protection--Philadelphia Branch about a tour/discussion.
Address: 21 S. 12th St., 2nd Fl., Philadelphia, PA, 19107 Phone: (215) 560-2414
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Address: 701 Market St., Philadelphia, PA, 19106 Phone: (215) 597-9105

Recycling: Visit a recycling center. Take a trip to one of the community groups dedicated to improving air/water/recyling efforts, listed at http://www.cleanair.org/recyclingalliance/about_us.html

School Store: Take a trip to Kmart to brainstorm and price items for the school store. Contact local businesses about partnerships.

Tutoring: Contact Center for Literacy re: a tour and scheduling tutor training.
Center City/South
1315 Walnut St.
15th Floor
Contact: Scott Bostwick
Session 1: Tues. June 10

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